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How to give a presentation that moves people to action
Grabbing and holding audience attention is not easy. It takes concentration. Destroying audience attention by accident is much easier, and a common experience for many. Learn how to connect with, influence, engage and challenge your audience so that they act on your key messages.

Who is Richard

Richard has over 25 years business and people development experience, working within many sectors and industries. He likes nothing more than helping businesses achieve great results by getting the best from their people and individuals getting the best from themselves.
He is a great fan of simplicity in most things.

Top 10 ways to be a better manager

Once you become a manager, getting the best from your people becomes your day job. So many managers misunderstand this and adopt the role of a police officer. Explore the seemingly simple techniques, that applied consistently will transform your management results.

The Communication Illusion: Message Received and Understood

Communication is like oxygen. It’s life giving, constantly surrounds us and we take it for granted. Don’t leave your key messages to chance. Learn how to adapt how you communicate to really connect and engage with the people around you; the people who make the difference to your success.

Benefit from Richard’s
1 – 2 hour presentations
2 – 8 hour workshops
2 or 3 day trainings
Customised to suit your needs

Customer Service: Mind the Mixed Message Gap

We are all customers, and in business we all need customers. With this unique experience, why does the rhetoric of customer service constantly fall short of the customer experience? Getting service right is critical for business success. Often, it is the small everyday things that make the difference between a poor or a great customer experience.

Confidence Inside Out

Have you ever felt held back because you lacked the confidence to act? Most people feel other people are confident; that they are the only one lacking confidence. Yet confidence is not a set of rules, it’s a mind set. Understanding the confidence process, and how you influence your confidence levels immediately empowers you to change.

Take Aways

What will your delegates take away from a session?

Take Aways

Challenge their thinking
See things from a different perspective
Pragmatic, actionable ideas
Simple tools that deliver powerful results

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Ask Better Questions, Build Better Relationships

Relationships: we all want better professional and personal relationships. Improving your questioning skills is a powerful way to build stronger, better relationships. That’s why, according to Anthony Robbins, successful people ask better questions.
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